How to Become A Director of the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation

We get asked periodically, “How do I become a director in AK WSF?” The simple answer is – Volunteer! All of our directors are selected by the nomination committee each year from the pool of active volunteers.

Our By Laws require an individual to volunteer for the organization for at least a year prior to being eligible for nomination. Any current member in good standing is eligible. Once selected by the nomination committee then candidates are required to pass a basic background check prior to being placed on the ballot. After that the directors are elected by the membership in an online election.

The volunteer for AK WSF work most often involves working with the fund raising committee on the annual banquet although at times there are various other opportunities to volunteer for the organization.

Don’t live in the greater Anchorage area? No problem. The vast majority of work on the banquet and the organization is done electronically through emails and the internet. Areas like requesting donations, recruiting members, and advertising can all be done from remote locations. The majority of our Board Meetings, even prior to the pandemic, were done through conference call or zoom meetings so again you do not need to live in a specific area.

If you aspire to become a director in the organization then there is no better time to volunteer and get involved than right now!

If you are interested in learning more then please feel free to contact us at

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