Dall’s sheep occupy their current and historic ranges in Alaska at or near the carrying capacity of the habitat.

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Enhance wild sheep populations, promote scientific wildlife management, educate the public on wild sheep, and protect and improve sheep hunting and viewing opportunities in Alaska.



Honesty in all dealings and actions

Team Work

The satisfaction of working on challenging tasks in conjunction with others that share the same dedication and passion – The whole will always be greater than the sum of its parts

Selfless Service

The willingness to work toward goals and purposes without any expectation of personal reward

Mutual Respect

The highest standards in dealing with people and expecting that in return

Hunting Ethics

Personal code of behavior requiring observance of all applicable laws and regulations, the maintenance of skills, respect for local customs, and behaving in way that brings no dishonor to the hunter or hunted


The belief that every person and organization is accountable for its actions


Talented people with the authority, knowledge, and resources to get the job done


The responsibility of taking care of wild places and leaving them better for those who follow


Support ADF&G’s effort to develop comprehensive and proactive Dall’s sheep management plans for Alaska.

Ensure that Alaska enacts the necessary legislation and regulations to eliminate the risk of disease transmission from domestic sheep and goats to Dall sheep.

Build a values-based, capable and well-respected non-profit corporation fully staffed by empowered volunteers known state-wide for excellence in conservation efforts.

Facilitate the study of predation and its role in Dall sheep population dynamics and help develop and implement mitigation strategies as applicable.

Ensure the development of population-specific demographic information and habitat mapping (CHAT) for Dall sheep.

Improve communication and collaboration in wild sheep management among governmental and non-government stakeholders, both in the private and public sectors.

Protect and enhance Dall sheep habitat in Alaska.

Facilitate the study, development and implementation of a mitigation strategy for a warming global climate.

Facilitate the research of potential impacts of motorized access into Dall sheep habitat and help develop applicable laws and regulations to mitigate if necessary.

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