Membership in the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation is open to all persons and organizations that subscribe to the mission and purpose of AK WSF and comply with the stipulations set forth in the Bylaws and other AK WSF guidance documents. Those interested in joining or renewing membership with AK WSF must first register with the national Wild Sheep Foundation at the link below and specify that you want to also be a member of AK WSF.

Membership Benefits

Dual Membership

Dual Membership

Membership in AK WSF also requires membership in the national Wild Sheep Foundation. National Wild Sheep Foundation membership dues are $28 annually, and AK WSF dues are an additional $10 annually.

National WSF

National Wild Sheep Foundation

Benefits with joining the national Wild Sheep Foundation include a subscription to the quarterly Wild Sheep magazine, patch, decals, access to immediate alerts to important information regarding wild sheep issues, and a voice in choosing the WSF Board of Directors.

Wild Sheep Magazine

Wild Sheep Magazine

Wild Sheep magazine is the premier publication of the foundation. The quarterly publication's core readership is made up of hunters, outdoorsmen, and conservationists. Each full-color issue of Wild Sheep magazine is loaded with stunning nature photography, compelling feature articles, updates on wildlife conservation efforts and the latest Foundation news. Its the premier publication of big game hunting in North America as well as abroad. It also makes a great place to advertise your business.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

AK WSF members are able to join the conservation effort by volunteering in current and forthcoming chapter efforts. Contact info@akwildsheep for details on current volunteer opportunities.

Membership Levels


WSF members embody an exclusive group of committed conservationists and a network of individuals and organizations who share your passion for protecting and managing wild sheep everywhere.


Your entire family (you, your spouse, and children under 18) can belong under one Family Membership. You will receive all the same benefits as a Regular Member plus extra patches, decals, and 2 voting ballots for the national Board of Directors election.


Enjoy lifelong membership benefits and the honor of being a part of Wild Sheep Foundation's growing legacy year after year. All Life Membership fees are placed into a trust fund and invested on a restricted basis, with the annual earnings funded to service those members and specific projects.

Summit Lifetime Membership

The Summit Life Membership takes that exceptional commitment and support to an even higher level the summit. Life Member and Summit Life Member dues are directed to the WSF Life Member Fund to maintain a reserve, to service all life members in perpetuity, as well as fund annual Life Member conservation and education initiatives. Support and fuel your passion.

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