About The Foundation

The Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation (AK WSF) was established as an Alaskan non-profit corporation in December 2014 and chartered by their parent organization, the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF), in January 2015. The purpose of AK WSF is “Putting and keeping sheep on the mountain." With members throughout Alaska and the United States, the volunteer-driven organization works to facilitate science-based management of wild sheep throughout the state. Approximately 25% of the wild sheep in North America live in Alaska. AK WSF is fully aligned with the national Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) requiring dual membership in both organizations. This relationship also helps guarantee that the organizations always speak with one voice. As such, AK WSF is authorized to represents the national Foundation on all matters in Alaska related to Dall sheep.

AK WSF is open to all persons and organizations that subscribe to the mission and purpose of AK WSF and comply with the stipulations set forth in the Bylaws, Ethics Policy, and the other AK WSF guidance documents. Dual membership is required so each member of the AK WSF must be a member in good standing of our parent organization, the Wild Sheep Foundation. Click here to join.


Dall’s sheep will occupy their current and historic ranges in Alaska at or near the carrying capacity of the habitat.


AK WSF will enhance wild sheep populations, promote scientific wildlife management, educate the public on wild sheep, and protect and enhance sheep hunting and viewing opportunities in Alaska.

Purpose, Values, and Goals

To further supplement the vision and mission, AK WSF leadership has defined and prioritized its purpose, values, and goals. These strategic pieces provide critical direction to the organization. Click here to view AK WSF's purpose, values, and goals. 


Kevin Kehoe

President, Board Member

Skip Bourgeois

Vice President, Board Member

Ryan Debonis

Secretary, Board Member

Keith Granberry

Treasurer, Board Member

Raymon Hedges

Board Member

James Cooney

Board Member

John Sturgeon

Board Member


The Wild Sheep Foundation returned to Alaska with the registration of a new non-profit corporation, the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation, in December, 2014. Although the Wild Sheep Foundation had continuously maintained members throughout the "Last Frontier," the creation of an Alaska-based organization facilitates a much more active role in sheep hunting and management throughout the state. The new organization was formally chartered by the Board of Directors of the Wild Sheep Foundation at the annual convention in January, 2015.

The new organization replaces the former Alaska chapter of FNAWS, which formally disbanded several years ago. The new organization comes with a completely new set of bylaws which requires, among other things, dual membership in WSF and background checks for board members and officers. AK WSF also recently adopted an Ethics Policy that helps guide the organization in the performance of its duties.

Nationally, the FNAWS tradition began on a November weekend at Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, in 1974. Thirteen wild sheep enthusiasts passed the time by sharing stories about their encounters with the majestic mountain creatures. After realizing how fortunate they were to have all shared such incredible experiences, they decided it was time to give something back. They formed FNAWS so men and women everywhere could get more involved in the positive management of wild sheep. It was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in Iowa on September 14, 1977, and began accepting paid memberships in 1978 as more people joined the cause. The commitment and noble spirit of FNAWS quickly helped the foundation become the fastest-growing wildlife conservation organization of its kind.